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Video demo for athletes

So you're an athlete who wants to perform at Cirque du Soleil? Here's what to include in your video demo for each specialization.

What is needed on the video

You must send us a recent video not exceeding 12 minutes in length (150 MB maximum). We accept video files in all formats except for executable (.exe) files. Your video does not have to be of excellent quality, a simple homemade video is fine. We want images that haven't been touched up or edited. Show your personality but keep it simple so the focus is on your skills.

Here are the elements your demo should present and the recommended length for each of them.

Elements to include in your video demo for athletes specialized in acrobatic gymnastics

1 minute: A presentation to the camera (including a face and full-body shot): tell us about yourself and your specialty, your background and experience.

1 minute: Flexibility: the three splits, bridge, shoulders, pike position.

1 minute: Strength: no leg rope climb, chin-ups, piked leg lifts.

1 minute: Basic floor acrobatics: handstand, walkovers, handsprings, standing flips, etc.

1 minute: Your most difficult trampoline dismounts as well as linked skills.

30 seconds: Several tempos on the basket, hands or shoulders (depending on the discipline).

5 minutes: One balance and one tempo routine, in training or in competition (mention date).30 seconds A dance improvisation. Show us how you move, let yourself go. Any style of dance, use the space and use your imagination!

1 minute 30: For tops and 2nd middles – on canes: 1. Press from straddle L-support – maximum repetitions. 2. Repertory of positions on one arm, two arms and both arms on one cane.

30 seconds:  A demonstration of your skills in another discipline, if applicable.

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