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What is needed on the video

You must send us recent videos not exceeding 10 minutes in total length. We accept video files in all formats except for executable (.exe) files. Your video does not have to be of excellent quality, a simple homemade or cellphone video is fine.

We want images that haven't been touched up or edited: no professional video edits (including dance reels), no music overdubs, no special effects of any kind (including no slow motion effect nor fast forward effect), no large group shots and no excerpts where you are not easily identifiable. 

Please send only unedited and uncut maximum 1 minute excerpts of your dancing, showing both technique and artistic interpretation.

Here are the elements your demo should present and the recommended length for each of them.

Do you have everything you need?
Acrobat swaying in the air
Do you have everything you need?
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