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Artistic Swimming

We're always looking for original and innovative artistic swimmers with strong technical skills, artistry and energetic personalities who will bring their own particular magic to our show.

Artistic swimmers
Demonstration in shows

General Information

Requirements and qualifications:

  • Ability to learn quickly (great ability to memorize various moves and execute them with precision);
  • Participation in national and/or international competitions;
  • Ability to give a quality performance every day;
  • Sense of rhythm and movement;
  • Acrobatic skills;
  • Spatial orientation (in and out of the water);
  • Ability to work as part of a group;
  • Artistic improvisation skills;
  • Ability to adapt to change and to unexpected situations ;
  • Emotional projection;
  • Self-reliance;
  • Stage presence and charisma;
  • Ability to perform in front of a very large audience;
  • Aged 18 or older.

Are you an athlete seeking a new venue for your passion? If you're a team player with an open mind and a readiness to learn, we may invite you to jump in the pool with us!