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Infographics | Get in your zone to better adapt to the unexpected

Everybody has a comfort zone. The bigger it is, the better you’ll adapt to unexpected situations. As a result, everyone could benefit from expanding their comfort zone. Here’s how you can do it.

We have just 3 easy steps for you to follow to get in your zone and also better adapt to the unexepected.

- Step 1: What is your comfort zone? If you can identify in which environment you feel the more at ease and with whom you like to work. Make a mental map of your surroundings. 

- Step 2: Now, what makes you uncomfortable? Does your personal state, your environment, even your performance or interpersonal relationships have an effect on how comfortable you feel?

- Step 3: Finally, with everything above in mind, let's push ourself! As often as possible, do some experiment. Take one of the elements identified in step 2 and slowly push... You will start feeling increasingly comfortable and then, when a situation arises you'll be ready to ADAPT.

You want to take this with you? No problem, you can download our infographic HERE!