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Jetlag and Travel Fatigue

When you're on tour, you have to travel a lot, especially in arena shows where you change cities almost every week. We've put together an infographic to help you identify the symptoms of jet lag and travel fatigue and more importantly, how to prevent them so you're always on top of your game!

It's easy to get your system all upside down when you're always travelling. 

What can cause jet lag and/or travel fatigue? Of course, if you're stressed by the trip itself or if your sleep has been disturbed because of it. Although dehydration and lack of space to move or rest can also be the cause. You'll end up suffering from headaches, fatigue and sometimes even confusion. Not the best way to ensure the safety and quality of future shows...

We have four tips for you, so you can travel without any repercussions:

- Did you know that your internal clock can adjust up to 2,5 hours per day? So do not hesitate to prime your internal clock before leaving by syncing with the destination time zone

- Don't hesitate to bank your sleep by adding an extra hour each night 4 days prior to leaving

- Adjust your body to the new schedule by getting a light stimulus (sunlight) for 10 - 20 minutes in the morning

- Eating healthy food and drinking enough fluid is part of your daily routine, so don't forget about it before and while you're travelling, and it will prevent dehydration and loss of appetite. 

So... Who's ready for sleep or travel?

If you'd like to take our tips with you, click HERE to download our infographic!


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