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Infographics | Get Ready to Perform with a Pre-Performance Routine

In order to get the most out of your preparation before you get on stage and reach an optimal level of readiness, make sure to develop a custom, five-step pre-performance routine.

With three steps before your performance, your performance itself and one step after, here is a little guide for you to be at your best on performing days!

- Prepare: Warming up is essential! It's the key step to prepare your body for the performance. Make sure you always have enough time for it.

- Visualize: The effect on your mind of this step might be greater than you think. Think about how you feel when you are performing your best. If you can think of it, you can manifest it, right?

- Focus: Before going on stage, do you have key words or a mantra to keep you focus on the performance? It's time to conjure them.

- Perform: You are ready, your body is warmed up, your mind is sharpenned, you are focused. so, "just do it" and don't forget to enjoy the show!

- Debrief: After your performance, make sure to take a moment to review it, what went well, what can be improve. You can already set goals for your training the next day!

You want to take our pieces of advice with you? You can download HERE an infographic version. 

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