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Infographics | Nutrition Check: Breakfast

Did you know that skipping breakfast means you may miss 20-25% of the energy you need every day? This impacts mood, performance and possibly your overall health.

For most artists, breakfast is their first full meal after a show. It is an essential part of your day as it will provide the energy for muscle recovery, daily workouts and performances, and help you maintain a feeling of fullness throughout the day.

So, always keep in mind to : 

- Add some form of protein, good fat, and carbohydrate in every breakfast, 

- Have ready-to-eat protein items like boiled eggs, nuts and berries, Greek yogurt...

- Plan your breakfasts in advance. You will save time and be sure to eat healthy in the morning!

- Include non-typical breakfast food like deli sandhiwches, leftovers, charcuteries or chicken

One last piece of advice: be sure always to have at least three items for your breakfast the following day!

You can download our infographics and keep our advice at hand! Click HERE


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