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How is it to be a Cirque du Soleil artist?

What's it like and what it takes to be a Cirque du Soleil artist? Let us try to demystify the opportunities and the Casting process below. 

Are you aware of ALL the opportunities Cirque is offering? And do you know how our Casting process works?
First, let's start with where you can perform at Cirque:

* Big Top tour: You will stay in a city for 6 to 12 weeks and perform around 8-10 shows per week, including 3 shows on Saturday sometimes.
* Arena tour: You will stay in a city for a week, maybe two and perform around 5-8 shows per city.
* Resident shows: You will be based in Las Vegas, Orlando or Mexico, and perform 10 shows a week
* Events and Experiences: These are short-term projects from one-time events to seasonal shows.
* NexGen: You can train for specific disciplines and learn what it takes to be on stage at Cirque in Montreal or in delocalized centers we partner with. 

Then let's talk about contracts. We have 3 types of contracts:

* Regular contracts: They are usually for a year but can go up to 2.5 years for a creation.
* Temporary contracts: They usually go for 3 to 6 months. 
* Events and Experiences contracts: Their length depends on the project you're signing for.

Finally, let's get through our Casting process! We can resume it in 6 steps:

1. The Casting call is initiated by the show or creation Director. 
2. Our Team searches our database for candidates and contacts them to see their interest and availability. If we don't have any or enough candidates, we publish a Casting Call on our social media and website.
3. Our Team presents a short list of candidates. The Artistic team of the show or creation can sometimes ask for interviews or specific content. 
4. The final selection is made by the Artistic or Creation Director.
5. Our Team will inform the selected artist that he.she is going to receive an offer.
6. The Artistic Contract Management Team gets in touch with the artist to go through the contract with him.her.

Now you know everything about Casting at Cirque! If you want to have a "cheat sheet" close to you, click HERE.


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