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Training at Montreal IHQ: What's waiting for you?

We often receive questions about our international headquarters, or IHQ, in Montreal and what life is like for artists coming for a PPP or to train. So, we've decided to give you a quick overview of what to expect!

Our artist residences are located directly opposite the studios (a loooooong 1-minute walk, we know), which is quite convenient for getting to your workouts or taking a nap in between 😉

Here are some fun facts:

We have 113 rooms and two Studios

  • The 113 rooms include 14 large corner rooms
  • 10 Communicating rooms for families

All rooms are equipped with a private kitchen with two hotplates, a microwave, a refrigerator as well as a private bathroom and workspace.
Bedding is also provided, as well as a welcome kit, and there's a light housekeeping service every two weeks.


Carrousel Residencies IHQ

Three teams are here to ensure that your stay runs smoothly, from housekeeping to security and technical support.

In terms of common areas, you'll have access to two kitchens on the first floor with full cooking facilities, and even a barbecue in summer on one of the two ground-floor terraces. A year-round spa and sauna complete the residences' facilities. And let's not forget the common rooms, with billiards, table tennis, two soccer tables, a TV and a large free laundry room.

But it doesn't stop there! At the studio level, there's also a whole team to take care of you, whether it's facilitating your arrival, guiding you, answering your questions, assisting you with visa applications or, of course, taking care of your health! We have both acrobatic and artistic trainers, therapists, physical trainers and an exhaustive network of health professionals...

You'll have access to two fitness centers, one in the residences and the IHQ Center of Excellence, adjacent to the clinic, with all the equipment and expertise you'll need to perform.

Not to mention the costume and make-up teams who will accompany you in your transformation into a performer on stage.

Gym spaces and spa

It's also worth noting that your transportation from home and from the airport to the residences is provided by Cirque du Soleil. There's also a shuttle service twice a week to take you to the supermarket and do your groceries. Finally, you'll receive a monetary allowance for food during your training sessions, as well as weekly financial compensation.

Now you're ready to begin your Cirque du Soleil adventure!