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Sleeping Series - Sleep quality

Do you wake up up to 3 times during the night? Or do you get up during the nigh? Those might be signs of a poor sleep quality...

The quality of your sleep is critical to recovering from a performance or a workout. We have some pieces of advice to improve your sleep quality:

- make sure you have a pillow that offers good support
- don't hesitate to use a fan or an ambient noise machine if your outside environment tends to be noisy
- avoid taking a nap after 4:00-5:00 p.m., it will be difficult for you to fall asleep at night
- wear comfortable and breathable clothing 
- if you have a pet, even if it's difficult, install a bed next to yours, don't share yours ;)
- you could even invest in these mattresses separated in two so that if your partner moves a lot, they won't bother you during the night  
- if you are watching TV (it is not very recommended to put yourself in front of screens before falling asleep), put a timer so that your TV turns off.


Do you know your sleep cycle? As a general rule, a good night's sleep should consist of 4 to 6 sleep cycles of about 90 minutes each. The cycles are composed of 5 stages of sleep.
Your sleep is the deepest between stages 3 to 5: 
- in stage 3, your body begins to regenerate and it starts to be difficult to wake up
- in stage 4, your brain activity slows down and your sleep is even deeper 
- At stage 5, you enter REM sleep, allowing your brain to rebalance itself and thus "rejuvenate" itself. This is the phase where your dreams are more intense and brain activity increases. It is as if your brain is reorganizing and assimilating the information received during the day.
If you want to take these suggestions with you, you can download them HERE


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