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Sleeping Series - Getting to sleep

Sleep is important, but how much do you need to recover from your day and be ready for the next? The norm says you should have 8,5 to 9,5 hours of sleep. We have some tips for you for your bedtime routine! 

For some, bedtime is not that easy and it can be hard to actually fall asleep, here some, maybe obvious, tips you need to have at hand : 

- your bedsheets: not too hot, not too thin, it's important to have good quality and comfortable bedding. And don't forget to make your bed! 

- try to have the same routine every night like taking a warm shower, brushing your teeth and reading for 30 minutes before turning the light off

- do some meditation or sleep yoga to relax your body and your mind

- your room should be dark and be at a cool temperature (around 68 degrees Fahrenheit) 


You should try to avoid: 

- consuming alcohol and caffeine sources up to 4 hours before bedtime 

- playing stimulating video games and using any screens before your bedtime


Finally, last advice, don't hesitate to use the "Do not disturb" mode on your phone, so you won't be disturb by your notifications (light and sound)

Ready to go to sleep? If you want take those pieces of advice with you, download our infographic HERE.


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