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NexGen Workshop - Our 2024 Partners

One of the three components of our NexGen program is talent development at partner centers. 

These workshops usually last between 4 days and 2-3 weeks and often take place in specific countries at our partner centers. The goal for the artists is to discover and perfect a new discipline. 
It’s beneficial for our partner centers too! Our partners on site learn and exchange with our specialists and thus continue their activities with additional knowledge.
These trainings also allow us to identify interesting artists for our pre-potential program.
For 2024, we have 7 partner centers located in 6 countries, let’s get to know them a little better!
NECCA (Brattleboro, Vermont)
Logo NECCAThe New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA) is an internationally recognized training school in the US, known for creating outstanding creative and physical programming. It offers a world-class professional program for aspiring performers, along with workshops and recreational classes for youth and adult students of all ages, levels, and abilities.
Did you know? After attending the Hoop Diving workshop on January 2023, artist Ben Huey got recruited for a PPP in 2023 and went on to perform on our Christmas show ‘Twas the night before in 2023 and 2024. 


Circus Juventas (St Louis, Minnesota)
Logo Circus JuventasCircus Juventas is the largest youth performing arts circus school in North America, recognized for providing innovative programming, world-class training, and professional-level performances in a state-of-the-art circus center. For more than 25 years, co-founders Dan and Betty Butler have seen their dream grow into a year-round program that serves more than 2,500 children and youth with a diverse array of circus arts training and performance opportunities in a non-competitive setting.
Did you know? Rob Dawson, arena manager and professional program director performed in Cirque productions, Mystere and La Nouba, as a flying trapeze catcher, Chinese poles acrobat and silk soloist, and eventually moved into a head coaching position for Cirque.


Logo Acro Clube da MaiaWith more than 2500 𝑚2 of practice and social area and with the accommodation capacity for comfortably hosting 50 persons, Acro Clube da Maia and its ArtGym Sports Centre is the perfect merge between Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Circus, Dance, Workout and Fitness! Their facilities are great to host workshops like Banquine, Russian Cradle, Trampwall and hoop diving! 
Did you know?


Logo ANT AvignonANT Avignon is a sports and cultural complex for the whole family. The center offers activities in Women’s & Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, senior gym, baby gym, handi gym but also parkour and cross country. At their circus school, they can practice all circus disciplines, including balancing, object manipulation and clowning, with particular emphasis on aerial and acrobatic techniques, thanks to a 10 meters high grid, which is perfect for aerial and high fly disciplines. 
Did you know? ANT Avignon has been part of the program since the beginning! From teeterboard to high bar and hoop diving and soon Russian swing, we can offer a variety of workshops there. 


Funarte (Brazil)
Logo FunarteFunarte or Fundação Nacional de Artes (National Arts Foundation) is a foundation of the Brazilian government for developing public policies to foster the visual arts, music, dance, theater, and circus with the Ministry of Culture. One of the cultural spaces maintained by Funarte is the National Circus School in Rio where we hold our NexGen Workshops. 
Did you know? Phelipe Da Silva Albuquerque who attended the National circus School has been part of ‘Twas the night before Christmas since 2022 and have been sur Twas depuis 2022 (PPP en 2019) qui a fait un workshop de hoop diving.


Prime Acrobatics (United Kingdom)
Logo Prime AcrobaticsIn 2024, Prime Acrobatics is taking a new step in their development with the opening of a new gymnastics and a circus training center. While their focus since 2012 has been on nurturing the physical potential and health of both children and adults, the new circus center offers an amazing opportunity for our workshop program to develop in the UK. 
Did you know? Prime Acrobatics Founder and Director Chris Bowler has been a Head Coach for Cirque du Soleil, working on touring shows Totem and Amaluna. He also worked on the creation of Toruk – The First Flight.


Logo Flying Fruit Fly CircusWith over 40 years of experience, Flying Fruit Fly Circus have established themselves as a top-tier organization for developing new talent. From Circus in school to professional trainings, the National Youth School is known for its dedication to the art form, and their graduates are in demand from many of the world’s leading circus companies! Our firs workshop with us will take place in the fall, and we are very excited to begin this new collaboration!
Did you know? Out of 18 coming from Australia, we have 8 circus performers coming from Flying Fruit Fly Circus in Crystal, ECHO and Mystère!


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