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How to prepare for an audition

Auditioning can be super stressful, but it's also one of the best ways to meet our team! And rest assured, we're always working hard to create a friendly, supportive atmosphere to make everyone feel welcome!

We've put together six tips that can be applied to most of our auditions!

  • Dress appropriately: Make sure you're comfortable in your clothes, so you can move around without constraint. And don't forget to wear several layers to keep out the cold. Depending on the location, the air-conditioning can be very hot!
  • Inspecting your equipment: all acrobatic equipment must be inspected by our team, so be sure to have your gear ready. Safety comes first!
  • Warm-up: Allow plenty of time to warm up before starting your audition. Again, our rooms may be cold, or there may be a delay in the auditioned performers.
  • Know your number: If you have to present a number, make sure you've downloaded your music to your phone and that it's sufficiently charged. Of course, don't present your number until it's ready. If you don't, make sure you know your limits and don't take any unnecessary risks.
  • Be yourself: Yes! An audition is also a human encounter. We want to see who you are, so don't be afraid to show your personality!
  • Come with an open mind: Be not only passionate but also attentive. Be ready to support others and lend a hand if needed. Helping each other is an important part of creating the right atmosphere at an audition. 

So, are you ready?

If you'd like to take our tips for a smooth audition with you, click HERE to download our infographic!

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