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How to make your demo video

We often get questions about what video demo to include in your application, so we asked our colleagues to give us a few tips!

Your demo video is a way of showing us who you are in 1 minute or more, like a speed-dating video. We want to know what makes you unique! 

Before you start filming your video, make sure you're in a quiet environment so we can hear you clearly (if you have a microphone, even better!) and also bright enough for us to see you. 

Don't hesitate to put your camera or phone down so that the image won't be shaking. Make yourself comfortable... 


And now, what to put in your video?

The basics, of course. Introduce yourself. Tell us your name, your age, where you're from, what discipline(s) you practice, and a little about your experience in competition and/or on stage. 

But that's not all: we also want to know more about you. Who you are, your passions, what motivates you in life, and of course your career goals. Not everyone wants the same thing when they create a profile on our database, so don't hesitate to tell us what kinds of projects interest you.

And if you're inspired, be creative, be bold, show us what makes you stand out from the crowd.


Fun fact, your video presentation is also what we show to art directors and creative directors so they can learn more about you.


Final note. The tips above are valid for a generic application, for specific opportunities, the presentation video might be a little different, so read the info carefully 😉