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How to create your demo video?

When you take the first step to join Cirque du Soleil, completing an application is extremely important.  Equally important, is having a demo that best represents you and your best skills. 

We share this demo with show teams when we present artists for potential opportunities.

Let’s look at some tips that make a great demo:

* Show your technique and skill level.
* Include a mix of competition, training footage, and/or on-stage performance.
* Put only the skills you would be proud to perform on stage.
* Show your personality.
* Identify yourself when performing in a group act.
* Ensure your images are bright and clear.
* Keep your videos short and engaging! (maximum length of 5 minutes)


P.S.: You can upload more than one video to your profile.  Therefore, if you have a full act, upload the number in its entirety.  You can include any additional footage or disciplines in a separate video. 

Take all the information with you and download our infographic HERE.


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